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Ahhh, burlap… a rough, scratchy fabric, for sure, and kind of difficult to use easily in arts and crafts projects because of its tendency to unravel. But I found that if acrylic paint or glue is applied, it can become very usable! Check out my YouTube video, Mixed Media Morsels, Dessert #2, to see this simple process.

Recently, I altered another tag, this time using burlap as the focal point. I began by covering a blank tag with patterned tissue paper, using Collage Pauge. Then I painted leaves directly onto a piece of burlap, in various shades of green acrylic paint. While the paint was drying, I used markers to draw a border around the tag, adding some squiggly doodles. Next, I cut out the burlap leaves and glued them in place, adding a piece of baker’s twine for the stem. I outlined the leaves with a black pen and glued on the word “explore,” outlining it with teal, black, and a couple more doodles. As a finishing touch, I put some black dots on the tag, which I made by using a stylus tool dipped in India ink. The back side is collaged with pieces of book text, in the same way I did my previous tag. I’m really pleased with how it turned out!


Here’s how my little tag book is coming along…


I hope you are creating some tags along with me, using the easy-to-follow techniques from the Mixed Media Morsels – Desserts series. It is so enjoyable to create on a small substrate, with no great expectations of its outcome, but only to have fun in the process of creating. Who knew a piece of plain ol’ burlap could be turned into fun, colorful embellishments and provide such great texture on a project without unraveling all over the place? I sure didn’t, but I guess that’s what exploring is all about!

See ya soon,

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